About Time / by Teresa Wooden

Welcome to my new and fancy website!  Many many thanks to my daughter, Anna (and I think Andrew helped too), for hours of hard work putting it together and talking me through the basics.  I'm thrilled with the result...waaaay better than the one I had!

This month finds me making garden pottery for my upcoming First Annual Open Studio, planned for the weekends of May 6-7 and May 13-14, 2017.  Wall planters, bird houses and feeders, garden totems and fountains of various sizes are in the works.  It feels great to be back at work after a long hiatus to renovate the house!  Along with neighboring potter Mike Taylor and some other artists, we hope to begin a successful Spring Art and Garden Tour held about the same time each year.  We plan to host fellow artists, plant sellers, and perhaps even some foodie vendors at each of our studios, and give tours of our Artists' Gardens.  That means you'll get a chance here to see what an underground house looks like on the outside, and visit the new Roof Garden with perennials and a straw bale vegetable garden, which I started last year.

It's snowing again.  The pond is frozen, and the geese that flew in a couple weeks ago when the temps were in the 60's said, "Forget this!" and flew back.  But I love the snow...I love the hush.  Heading out to the woods with the dogs to listen to the soft sounds of winter.  Spring is only 48 days away...