About The Artist - Teresa Wooden


Life is full of "ordinary miracles". From the smallest petals to the spirals that surround us everywhere in nature and out into the galaxy...there is magic if you look deeply. That magic astounds me every day and finds it's way into my work. Vines and leaves, summer storms and feathered wings...I feel a deep connection to the world around me.

When I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to become an artist. I remember one Christmas, tossing the dolls and toys aside and inhaling the heady scent of my new box of crayons... so full of possibilities!  My wise great-aunt told me that art was my gift. ("Everyone has one, you know. And that is what you are meant to do."). But practicality led me into a more "sensible" career and I became an elementary teacher, although art would always be a part of my life.  

Luckily, in my forties, I found pottery, fell in love with it, and finally abandoned all to follow my passion.  I had the good fortune to learn from several excellent potters along the way, made some terrible pots and mistakes, and stubbornly stuck with it until a career began to take shape.  I have been creating pottery for about thirteen years now, and have been working full-time as a potter/artist for the last nine. I feel blessed in the endeavor and in the way people receive my work. People sometimes tell me that they are inexplicably drawn to my work, sensing something that touches their spirit. Then I know that they are seeing the same magic that I see.  It is always gratifying and humbling when someone chooses one of my pieces to make their own.  


My work references the natural world, depicting florals, wildlife and woodlands in a narrative style which is reminiscent of woodblock prints from fairytale illustrations.  I find that the soft hue of stoneware gives a warm look to my designs that may resemble parchment or the pages of an old book.   I am inspired by early Korean, Celtic and Art Nouveau design, employing elements of knotwork borders, asymmetry and flowing lines along with pictorial representations of animals, trees and vines which may vary from whimsical to serene.  The viewer is drawn into a world which speaks of the familiar need to connect and commune with nature, a yearning that we feel at the very center of our being.  The images and vignettes that I carve through layers of colored clay are often representational of my own childhood, with the woodlands and fields as my playground.  At other times I utilize the story lines from various folktales, myths and legends which I have collected from around the world.  I strive to make work that will participate with the viewer in the everyday rhythms of life; work that is at the same time symbolic, decorative and functional, while celebrating mankind's connection to the land and interconnectivity to the entirety of life.

Honors and Awards


  • Mayor’s Award, Waterfront Invitational Art Fair, Saugatuck, MI


  • Merit Award, Art in the Park, Lake Geneva, WI
  • Award of Excellence 3-D, Geneva Fine Arts Fair, Geneva, IL
  • Merit Award, River Walk Fine Art Fair, Naperville, IL


  • Best in Show, Art in the Park, Lake Geneva, WI
  • Best in Show, Spring Green Arts and Crafts Fair, Spring Green, WI
  • Judges Award, St Charles Fine Art Show, Saint Charles, IL
  • Purchase Award, St Charles Fine Art Show, Saint Charles, IL
  • Purchase Award, St Charles Fine Art Show, Saint Charles, IL
  • Purchase Award, St Charles Fine Art Show, Saint Cahrles, IL


  • Article, Making Art out of Clay, SHE Magazine, Kenosha, WI


  • Purchase Award, Prairie Arts Festival, Shaumburg, IL


  • Award of Excellence, Monument Square Art Fair, Racine, WI

Special thank you to David Rench for the professional photos on this site.